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Affordable Rural Fire Protection

Welcome to Remote Fire Fighting Solutions

Remote Fire Fighting Solutions was organized in 2009 to provide Initial Rapid Attack fire service models for rural communities and businesses in British Columbia. Serving a broad range of clients, our Initial Rapid Attack (IRA) fire suppression systems are designed to provide First Nation communities, homeowner associations, industry and volunteer fire services with an initial response fire attack capability.

Remote Fire Fighting Solutions takes an innovative approach to assist isolated and stand alone fire services to become better prepared for fire emergencies by incorporating new advanced “state of the art” fire suppression technologies.

The key to success is to develop an Initial Rapid Attack Fire Suppression Strategy which is designed to reduce response times and limit fire spread. Each Initial Fire Attack System is designed to address the specific “needs and capacity” of the client.

Our goal is to help you select a logical, real world, cost-effective and sustainable fire protection solution designed to protect life and property. Every client is important to us and we take pride in providing the best service possible.

Our Company provides the following services:

  • Rural Fire Protection Consulting Service
  • Rapid Attack Fire Protection “Level of Service” Models
  • Basic Initial Rapid Fire Attack Training Programs

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We encourage you to CONTACT US with any questions or inquiries you may have about our fire protection packages, training programs or consulting services.

Fire suppression vehicle

A high percentage of residential structure fires are handled successfully by the first fire unit on the scene provided it arrives quickly and has the capability to contain the fire to the “room of origin”.

Our Mission Statement
Remote Fire Fighting Solutions has partnered with Specialty Fire Protection Systems to provide:

British Columbia communities and businesses with safe, affordable fire protection solutions by combining modern fire suppression technologies with appropriate fire training programs.

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