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  Rural Fire Protection Program

Establishing a Rural Fire Protection Program:

The primary mission of all rural volunteer fire departments should be to ensure that the community is provided with an optimal level of fire protection which is safe, cost effective, efficient and sustainable.

Rural Fire Service Response Times

There is a direct relationship between Fire Development (Flame Spread), Temperature, and Time. Rapid intervention is the strategy.

The Challenge:
All fire service administrations face the challenge of providing adequate response times when delivering fire suppression services throughout the whole service area. Typically, a traditional engine company responds from a central fire station to service the outlying areas. The majority of these response times generally exceed recognized industry standards, resulting in the total loss of the structure. This inability to initiate an adequate fire suppression response in the time required to limit fire spread in the growth stage of the fire is the major challenge.

The Solution:
Remote Fire Fighting Solutions designed an Initial Rapid Attack fire suppression system which responds with localized highly mobile fire units. These units feature new fire suppression technologies which can be put into service with minimal manpower (one) operator.

It is critical to develop a fire attack strategy that gives the community fire service the opportunity to initiate fire suppression tactics in a typical residential (room and contents fire) before it breaches the "Room of origin".

Our fire protection service models incorporate rapid attack fire units as part of a layered response protocol. The fire protection models are flexible, based on capacity and dependant upon the "level of service" the client is capable of providing. The rapid attack units can be introduced into any proposed or existing traditional fire service plan.

The Initial Rapid Attack fire suppression systems are built to military specifications and over 10,000 units are in service worldwide. These systems can be portable or designed as skid units which easily fit into the cargo area of an ATV, pick-up truck or flatbed vehicle.















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