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New Technology

High Energy Cold Compressed Air Foam Systems (HECCAFS)

Rapid Attack Fire units incorporating TRI-MAX® "High-Energy Cold Compressed Air Foam" technology have proven to be effective for:

  • Municipal Fire Services
  • Industrial Fire Brigades
  • Rural Community Fire Brigades
  • Military installations
  • Company worksites
  • Oil/Gas industry
  • Forestry Services
  • Lodges
  • Marinas
  • Public Events/Stadiums/Exhibition grounds/Festivals /Shopping Malls (anywhere access for traditional fire apparatus is difficult)
  • Small airports/Remote landing strips where a fire appliances may not be available
    * Underground mining operations (no spark fire suppression equipment required)

Placement possibilities for a HECCAFS are virtually unlimited!

TRI-MAX® "High-Energy Cold Foam" Technology provides the powerful platform for Remote Fire Fighting Solutions initial rapid attack fire suppression strategy. TRI-MAX® units are proven workhorses which are built to military specifications, engineered for effectiveness and ease of operation.

The TRI- MAX® series offers a choice of High Energy Cold Compressed Air Foam systems (HECCAFS) which are structurally designed with flexibility in mind. These units will easily install as "skid" units into the cargo area of an ATV or pick-up truck, instantly converting them into rapid-attack fire response vehicles. TRI-MAX® skid units are available in 30, 60, 120 and 200 gallon configurations.

A rapid response vehicle equipped with a TRI-MAX® system provides your team with the tactical advantage of delivering "High-Energy Cold Foam" Technology as the first line of defense for fire suppression. The TRI- MAX® units are primarily utilized by company personnel where speed of operation and quick application of a specialized fire suppressant agent is of paramount importance.

High Energy Cold Compressed Air Foam Systems are very user friendly. The system operates on the energy produced from compressed air cylinders. The basic system uses a small amount of environmentally safe 3% foam concentrate mixed with water which is capable of suppressing both Class A and B fires

Response time is critical. Upon arrival, flow rates of 300 gpm of finished foam product are produced in a matter of seconds from a basic TRI-MAX® 30 system. A discharge performance range of 75 - 80 feet puts the operator at a safe distance in industrial situations where full PPE is not immediately available.
The basic TRI- MAX® 30 is a portable high pressure redundant system (wheeled or skid mounted) with a UL rating 40 A, 80B. Flow rates of over 700 gpm are achievable from the larger systems where a (2) hose line fire attack is required to engage a substantial Class A or B fire. The TRI-MAX® series is a perfect fit in critical situations where the manual application of a specialized agent is required.

High Energy Cold Compressed Air Foam Systems TRI-MAX® "High-Energy Cold Foam" Technology provides a versatile platform from which to initiate a rapid fire attack to suppress a fire, or to provide an initial response to a hazardous materials incident to form a vapor seal blanket over a fuel spill. THE TRI-MAX® SERIES HAS NO MOVING PARTS THEREFORE NO CHANCE OF SPARKING IN HAZ-MAT APPLICATIONS!

Normally a traditional fire apparatus pump would be required to produce this reach of stream with the equivalent fire suppression capability (see photo on right). This performance range of (80 feet) provides a crucial stand-off distance for initiating fire suppression while protecting personnel.



Fire Interruption Technology

Fire Interruption TechnologyThe ARA SAFETY-PRO Fire Interruption aerosol generator is intended for use by trained first responders to control and knockdown Class A, B and C fires within a contained structure up to 60 m3 (2,000 cu. ft.) in volume.

The ARA SAFETY-PRO is safe, non-toxic and very easy to deploy. Fire fighters describe this new fire suppression technology as one of the most important new tools in their toolbox.

Fire needs fuel, oxygen and heat to sustain a chemical reaction. In seconds, Ara Safety's Fire Interruption Technology removes the fuel from the equation at the molecular level, interrupting the fire tetrahedron, and knocking down flame and heat. The aerosol powder works by inhibiting the oxidation-reduction reaction of a burning fuel source by combining refined particles (aerosols) of salts and oxides of alkali and alkaline metals with the fuel substrate.

The ARA SAFETY-PRO can be effectively deployed in a wide variety of structure fire scenarios, from incipient to fully involved and in defensive, offensive and transitional modes.

The ARA SAFETY-PRO has proven itself to be an extremely effective first responder tool in the field. It has been deployed by fire services' across Canada and the United States

















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